Welcome to Dreamland Apartments, a magnificent hotel Crete alone is in the position to offer! Our hotel in Chania takes great pride in providing its guests with a fascinating holiday experience that is comparable to taking a trip into the realm of dreams, only to discover that this magical dream world is, in fact, quite real! Joining us will enable you to experience things never before experienced, to let the impossible become a possibility and to allow the unreal to be realized. All this and more can become feasible only by visiting one of the most outstanding hotels Chania offers; Dreamland. So why not visit us today and allow your fantasy world to become an actuality!

Our hotel in Chania, a highly luxurious, integrated hotel complex, includes all the modern facilities and services of a large beach resort, while still maintaining the warm, friendly atmosphere of a small family-run establishment. Synonymous with comfort and hospitality, our sumptuous apartments and studios are ready to accommodate our guests with such distinctive services that only Crete hotels with first-rate service standards can provide. Not to mention, our kind and attentive staff will be prepared to cater to the needs and desires of each and every one of its guests. Book today and see for yourself why Dreamland is one of the most sought-after Crete hotels.

Though there is a plethora of apts Crete boasts, no other hotel Crete offers, provides such practicality and convenience through its envious location. Ideally situated in the tourist area of Daratso-Agii Apostoli, just 4km from the town centre of Chania, and only a short distance from some of the most fascinating beaches of the vicinity, there is no end to the options our distinguished guests will be presented with. Whether you’re interested in acquainting yourself with the inland or just limiting yourself to the surrounding area, Dreamland, one of the most exceptional hotels Chania can provide, can serve as the base for your ideal holidays!

When visiting our hotel Crete has much to offer in terms of entertainment as well. All along the North roadway of the precinct, which conveniently stretches for many kilometres parallel to the beachfront from the tourist area of Platanias in the West, to the Old Town in the East, our guests will come across numerous beach bars, clubs, cafes, taverns and shops, not to mention facilities such as banks, post offices and super markets. Dreamland, therefore, including the finest apts Crete can provide, will allow you to customise your holidays to suit your taste.

However, while staying at our hotel in Chania, one of the best hotels Chania offers, one should not neglect to visit the historical Old Town, which is a unique blend of Turkish and Venetian architecture. A visit to the Old Harbour, which is a crossroad of civilizations, with the dominant fortress, the Lighthouse and the quaint little paved lanes, will no doubt be an enchanting experience!

Unlike other Crete hotels, Dreamland, including the finest apts Crete can provide, can make all this, a possibility. Visit our hotel in Chania and see for yourself what separates us from other Crete hotels!